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Eating and Living with purpose and awareness

Eating and Living with purpose and awareness

How Mindful Eating helps. Our struggles with food cause a huge amount of emotional distress including guilt, shame and depression.  Disordered or dysfunctional eating habits of any nature not only cause tremendous suffering and reduces our quality of life, but depending on its severity, damages our health severely and can lead to serious illness.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  Mindful eating is an effective approach to eating that over time not only heals our relationship with food, but the benefits ripple into all aspects of our lives. People can make peace with their relationship with food and this can lead to a fuller and more joyful – and much healthier – life.

Mindful eating is eating with focus and attention. It is paying attention without judgement to the many thoughts, sensations, and emotions that come up around eating. It’s being fully present when we eat and it engages all our senses – our body, our heart and our mind.

When we eat mindfully, we know when we are really hungry (not just bored or upset) and we eat to the point when we are satisfied (not stuffed). And then we stop.

We don’t feel like eating anymore. We learn to understand what we are really hungry for (not always food). We meet our other needs in healthy ways that don’t involve food.

Regular practice, like all things worth doing, is the key.

Mindful eating is an effective tool to reaching and maintaining our healthy weight for the long term. Especially suitable for people for whom conventional dieting just doesn’t work (because most diets do not work in the long term)

I run Mindful Eating workshops and programmes. I regularly apply mindful eating tools in my consultations with clients who struggle with their relationship with food and how that impacts their health.  You can call me for more details: 087-2991778