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New Habits for Healthy Weight – Start Your Journey Here.

New Habits for Healthy Weight – Start Your Journey Here.

ONLINE or in-person (subject to change) 6 WEEK PROGRAMME


To lose weight and maintain a healthy weight for the long term, we need every cell in our body to work properly so it can properly digest our food, convert that food to energy, ensure our metabolism is working optimally and our hormones are balanced. This means nourishing our bodies with nutrient dense wholefoods that provide these building blocks.

This programme focuses on achieving weight loss while providing the body with the nutrients it needs to thrive. It is not a quick fix but focuses on introducing you to tools that build your innate strength to make new healthier habits (we all have powerful potential for change. My task is to release that potential and facilitate the natural change process that is already inherent in you!).

What’s Included:

1 full online nutritional therapy consultation (1 hr) + 4x 30 min check-ins, weekly (starting the week following initial consultation) with email and whatsapp support in between

I take a full diet and lifestyle history to understand how a programme might be best designed to achieve your goals (nutritional deficiencies will be addressed as part of the programme).

We agree a plan that is achievable to meet your goals.

A key part of the plan is tracking and monitoring – using simple but effective tools

Meal ideas and recipes provided!

Benefits You Can Expect (based on feedback from previous participants)

  • Improved mood, less anxious
  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep
  • Increased confidence in ability to make the changes, and stay with them, and seeing the changes as more a lifestyle than a diet,
  • Enjoying new recipes and ways of eating that are easy and satisfying
  • Less cravings
  • Feeling fully satisfied and nourished after meals
  • Flexibility while continually maintaining progress
  • Motivation to exercise

Why It Works

We start with a thorough understanding of your current diet and lifestyle and start making changes from there that you can confidently make

We monitor and track progress having identified key markers to track

Weekly check-ins provide accountability and ongoing support for challenges as they arise and encouragement, to maintain motivation and progress

We do NOT focus on weight, but everything in the plan creates the conditions to lose weight. We DO focus on the process, providing you with the tools to enable you to maintain your healthy weight for life. As this is an online programme, weight trackers (scales, waist circumference) are discussed with and monitored by you

We DO focus on reversing nutritional deficiencies so that the cells in the body are primed to work optimally – to convert food to energy, to detox, to balance metabolism, hormones and mood

We discuss transitioning from the programme to maintain progress using your own resources

OR we can offer you a package of check-in sessions (blocks of 4)

Cost of 6 week programme: €329

Cost of follow-on (4 week) package: €219

If this sounds like an approach that resonates, please click here to make a booking enquiry