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“Any Health Condition Will Benefit From A Healthy Diet & Lifestyle”…

Healthy eating is the cornerstone of how I help clients to heal but very often other lifestyle changes will also be helpful. These may include exercise, stress reduction tools, and helping clients identify other areas in their lives which may seem unrelated but which may be impacting food choices and eating patterns. I use tools from my Mindful Eating training that have been clinically proven to be very effective in helping clients address emotional eating in a profound way that ripples into other areas of their lives in a very positive way.

Unless the issue is straightforward (e.g. food intolerance testing), I may need to work with a client for 3 – 6 months (the number of sessions will vary depending on the level of support required). In my experience, this is the minimum amount of time needed to establish new habits in eating and living that will stay with clients for the rest of their lives. No one size fits all

  • Services Offered By Your Practical Nutrition

    • 1:1 Nutrition Consultations – individual packages available. See my blog for latest offers
    • Digestive Health – IBS, bloating, constipation, excess gas, fullness after meals
    • Stress Management
    • Weight Management
    • Women’s Health – PCOS, PMS
    • Sugar Cravings
    • Nutrition For Pregnancy
    • Menopause Nutrition
    • Teenagers – Nutritional Advice & Weight Management
    • Workshops & Events
    • In-Company Talks

How The Process Works …


Getting to know you


In-depth analysis


Monitor progress


Plan for the future

Consultation Cost

First consultation – € 75 euro (1 hr 15 mins)
Follow up consultations – € 55 euro (45 – 60 mins)

Teenagers … nutrition, healthy weight, eat right for sports events

One of the areas Sharon focuses on is Teenage Health. Being a teenager is a time of enormous change both physically and emotionally. On a physical level, your body is growing faster than at any time in your life (except as a baby!) with your body churning out chemicals (e.g. hormones) that are changing your body from a child’s to adults. Your mind changes too and this can cause confusion and anxiety and strong emotions and sensitivities you haven’t felt before and can sometimes be difficult to manage.

No two experiences will be the very same, physical, emotional and nutritional requirements will vary from teenager to teenager. I offer 1:1 consultations for teenagers to assist with eating right for general well-being, eating right during stressful times such as exams, and helping them to understand what is considered good nutrition before and after sports events / training.

What To Expect At Your First Consultation

Your first consultation usually takes approximately 1 hr 15 mins. This provides adequate time for us to get to know each other, chat about what is going on in your life, talk about your current food habits, likes/dislikes, note any medications you are currently taking, any specific dietary requirements we need to consider.

This gives me a clear picture on how best to help you. Based on the consultation and the information I gather during our time together, I give you a diet and lifestyle plan based on what we agree is achievable.

In some cases one visit is all that is required, however in more complex cases, for example, if you have a number of symptoms, or you are not sure how to go about making the changes and you feel you would like a more gradual, step by step approach with more guidance, then you may need more sessions.

Follow up consultations last 45 – 60 mins and a package can be discussed upfront.

Events, Workshops & Talks

Eating a healthy, flexible and flavourful diet as well as embracing Mindfulness and stress reduction had a profound effect on my life. So much so it motivates me to pass this message onto as many people as possible through the medium of Workshops, Talks and Mindful Eating Events.

You can read more about the benefits of Eating and Living with purpose and awareness HERE.

If you’d like to book Sharon for a group talk / event please contact us HERE or read more about upcoming events HERE.